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The White Tree’s Epic Extras

It's time to celebrate with an awesome winter deal. For a limited time, we're offering any couple who books between June 1st 2021 and June 30th 2021, the option to add one of these Epic Extras:

1. LIVE MUSIC: The addition of FREE SAX

If you have booked one of our live band packages (3 - 9 piece band), then you can choose to add FREE SAX which features our awesome sax player for the dance sets. $300 VALUE. *If you would prefer trumpet instead of sax, that is possible

2. PHOTOGRAPHY: Bonus Coverage

If you have booked one of our photography packages (Level 1, 2 or 3) you can choose to add our Bonus Coverage, which gives you 1 x FREE hour of coverage. $250 VALUE


If you have booked one of our film packages (Level 1, 2 or 3) you can choose to add our Retro Edit. This is a custom mini highlights edit where we cut together a reel that has a doco/Super 8 feel. $300 VALUE. Click HERE for our RETRO EDIT example and Click HERE for more info on our Film Products

To book The White Tree and take advantage of these Epic Extras, hit up our Prices + Bookings section HERE, or reach out direct to one of our booking managers in your region by clicking HERE

Epic Extras T+C's
– The Epic Extras are available for customers placing a new booking between June 1st 2021 and June 30th 2021 inclusive. This means that a deposit must be made within this timeframe in order to receive this offer.
- Only ONE Epic Extra can be selected per booking.
- If a customer is booking more than one of our core services (live music, photography and film) then the customer must choose which Epic Extra is preferred.
- With the addition of free sax, this is for the last 2 hours of the reception, i.e. the energetic dance sets
- Please note that if additional travel fees or accommodation are required for a venue location, then these costs are applicable for the sax player.

The White Tree Guides

The White Tree | Ceremony Music

Pricing, inclusions and information for The White Tree ceremony music.
Our Sydney vocalists

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Our Sydney vocalists

Introducing our talented Sydney vocalists! Remember for lineups of 4 piece or larger, you can select a male and female vocalist if you would like.

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Live Music On The Harbour

The White Tree is Sydney's leading entertainment company for live music. We have a select team of talented DJs and live musicians.
We are passionate
We are energetic
We love what we do

TWT showcases

Most of our shoots and performances are private events, so every few weeks we put on live public showcases. You’re very welcome to bring along friends and family.



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