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The White Tree's WINTER WATCH 'N WIN

This winter you can WIN BIG with The White Tree!

Just watch The White Tree Band at one of our winter showcase gigs and you will win one of the following prizes of your choice:

- FREE live music cocktail set (duo, 1hr): $360 value

- FREE brass player (sax or trumpet) for your reception dance sets (2hr call): $360 value

- $250 Dollar Discount (applied to your core reception package): $250 value

To win one of the prizes above you need to do TWO simple things...

1. Attend one of The White Tree's Upcoming Winter Showcase gigs:
MELBOURNE: August 3 @ The Local Taphouse - CLICK HERE for info
SYDNEY: August 8 @ The Vanguard - CLICK HERE for info

2. Book The White Tree Band for any reception package (1 - 9 Piece Band) or our Best Of Both 1, 2 or 3 entertainment products.

- To take advantage of one of our three prizes above, a booking deposit must be made between Monday June 26 and August 31 2023 inclusive.
- Only ONE prize can be selected per couple.
- Our Winter Watch 'N Win is available for wedding couples only.
- To register your attendance at the showcase, you must fill out an attendee form which is handed out upon entry at our showcases.
- For the free live cocktail set (duo, 1hr) the two musicians/instruments must be present in the reception band lineup.
- For the free brass player for the dance sets; this can be booked for the free 2hrs only, OR, a $360 discount can be applied to the brass player booking if booking the brass player for the full 5hr reception.
- For the free brass player for the dance sets; if the wedding venue is more than 45mins from the CBD then additional travel fees for the brass player will be involved.

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The White Tree's FREE CEREMONY MUSIC promo: May 2023

For the month of May we are offering FREE LIVE CEREMONY MUSIC!

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Most of our shoots and performances are private events, so every few weeks we put on live public showcases. You’re very welcome to bring along friends and family.



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